Red Factor Pineapple Conure


Direct Parrots | Hand-Reared Conure | The red factor pineapple conure is slightly rarer than other pineapple conure species, due to its beautiful red coloured body.

Pineapple Conures are native to South America. They can be seen in the forests and woodlands of Bolivia, Mato Grosso, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Due to them being social, one can find them at treetops in flocks of 10 or even more, depending on the availability of food.

Pineapple Conures are considered small species of conure with adults reaching a size of about 10 inches. The weight of an adult Pineapple Conure can range between 60 to 80g.

Their small size does not restrict them from behaving like their bigger cousins, the Macaws. With a similar clownish personality. They are very active and carry out extremely funny antics.

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