Red Bellied Conure

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The plumage is mainly green with a narrow reddish-brown frontal band. The most distinguishing features of this conure are the bright crimson-red colored lower breast and abdomen – and that color can also be seen on the bend of wing and under wing-coverts. The forehead, crown and back of the head are dull brown, each feather edged with whitish-brow. The forehead has a pale-blue tinge. The feathers on side of neck, throat and upper breast are brown each feather being broadly edged with whitish to dull yellow.

Adults have a blue collar on the hindneck in varying thicknesses. The brown cheeks are washed with a dull blue. The lores (the regions between the eyes and bill on the side of a bird’s head) and cheeks yellowish-green becoming pale blue on lower cheeks. The ear coverts (feathers covering the ears) are off-white / cream-colored. The brown breast is barred off-white and dark brown. They have a brownish-red tail with a green base. The bill is dark grey and the feet grey. The eye rings are bare and off-white, and the eyes dark brown.

Immature birds look like adults, but they have a duller plumage, green abdomen and dark irises. They have variably mixed blue and a few red-edged feathers – some young fledge with adult plumage.

Length: 9.5 inches or ~24 cm
Average Lifespan: 20 years


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