Pymgy Squirrel Full Set-Up

£289.99 £259.99

Seth’s Little Zoo | The perfect all in one starter set-up for your new pet pygmy squirrel. Everything you will need to start caring for and learning about your new African pygmy squirrel/dormice.

This Set-Up Includes:

  • Exo Terra All Glass Vivarium
  • Exo Terra Dome Lighting Fixture
  • Exo Terra Ceramic Heat Emitter
  • Tiny Friends Farm Eco Bedding
  • Supa Dried Mealworms
  • HG Canary Staple Seed Mix
  • Burgess Hamster Gerbil & Mouse Food
  • Small Animal Grassy Home
  • Flowered Tent
  • Regular Silent Spinner Wheel
  • Java Climbing Rope
  • Bouncing Rope
  • Classic Deluxe Small Drinker
  • Cheeko Non-Tip Plastic Bowl
  • Cuttlefish Bone


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