Hermann’s Tortoise


Seth’s Little Zoo | Baby Hermann’s Tortoise for sale. Even though we are parrot specialist, we love and care for all kinds of animals!

Hermann’s tortoises are one of the most popular species of tortoise to keep as pets and it’s easy to see why. They have a level of individual personality that is rare in reptiles, and they can be very charming and funny. They develop a bond of companionship with their owner, and you will get to know their individual quirks, likes, and dislikes. Hermann’s tortoises are part of a group of tortoises referred to as “Mediterranean tortoises”, in the wild, Hermann’s tortoises live in rocky hillsides and oak and beech forests of the Mediterranean. Due to habitat destruction and poaching for the pet trade, Hermann’s tortoises are (Dec/2012) IUCN Red list category – near threatened (don’t worry, ours are captive bred). Hermann’s tortoises are microchipped and require specific CITES documentation to be legally kept and sold in the UK

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