Direct Parrots | Hand-Reared Parakeet | The Alexandrine parakeet is one of the largest parakeets, measuring 56 to 62cm from the top of the head to the tip of the tail and weighing 200 to 300g. The tail measures 28 to 35cm

It is predominantly green with a light blue-grey sheen on the cheeks and nape (back of the neck), yellow-green abdomen, red patch on the shoulders and massive red beak with yellow tips. The upperside of the tail passes from green at the top to blue further down, and is yellow at the tip. The underside of the tail is yellow.

An Alexandrine should learn to whistle and to mimic a few words.  It should be handled daily and given a lot of attention, or behavioural problems are likely to develop. It must also have a lot of different items with which to keep its beak occupied when inside the cage!

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