Direct Parrots was brought about by a passion for parrots, I have had pet parrots all my life and have bred chicks as a hobby for 15+ years.

It all started out with a pet African Grey for me, then a friendship with Davy Stewart who taught me everything I know today. He showed me how to care for my parrots, how to build flights and aviaries and how to rear the chicks once all the 'hard' work was done. Rearing chicks is hard work but at the time I didn't know it.

Through Davy I meet Rebecca of Beck's bird barn and yet again more knowledge was bestowed on me. The set up of Beck's Bird Barn was forever in my mind and from it I knew if I ever got the chance I'd like to make my hobby into a business idea.

Last year I took the idea and decided to make a business from it.

Direct Parrots and Aviaries was launched and a deal to buy breeding stock was agreed. All I needed was a business partner, some aviaries built and more time and effort than i could afford.

With my business partner we began the build of the Aviary in June 2017 with the completion of the Aviary agreed to be November 2017 as the breeding stock was arriving.

Check out the Gallery for the build pics.

Now a year on and we've collected a large amount of breeding stock consisting of small Quakers, Alexandarines, Eclectus, African Greys, Blue-Fronted Amazons, Yellow Naped Amazons, Blue and Gold Macaws and Greenwing Macaws.

Check out the Gallery to meet the Parents of any parrots purchased from us.


We specialise in breeding African Greys, Blue and Golds, Greenwings, Blue fronted Amazons, Yellow Naped Amazons and Eclectus just to name a few.

If you have any specific requests drop us a message and we will endeavour to help you in any way we can.

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